About Skarne Marine LLC

If you are looking for the best boats in North America, choose Skarne Marine LLC. Having been into the boat building business since 1967, the Sarin family has redefined their markets through exceptional quality and safety combined with spectacular designs.

In 2008, Skarne Marine decided to open the doors of a yacht brokerage, which has forever reshaped our customers’ expectations and tastes in terms of buying and selling their boats. We are located in the city of Milford in Connecticut, on the beautiful Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound. Our commitment to our customers is complemented perfectly by our beautiful local boating opportunities.

Skarne Marine LLC

Why Choose Us

For us at Skarne Marine, boating is not just a job. We simply love it. We take accountability very seriously and pride ourselves in always being accessible to our customers and giving value to customer relationship.

Our boating heritage goes back generations to Sweden where we first discovered and owned SARGO boats. We are now proud to be the sole importer of this beautiful and functional “All Seasons Boat” in North America.

Skarne Marine LLC

Know the Sarin Family

SARGOboats are created, designed and built by people who have been in the business since 1967. The pioneering tradition of boat building can be traced to our DNA when the legendary boat builder Mr. Edy Sarin founded the renowned Minor brand nearly 50 years ago. The Sarins, known as the boat building family, are now continuing their international success story into the third generation.

To carry forward this rich tradition, we launched a new brand called SARGO in June 2014. SARGO represents a whole new boat breed from Finland. Our brand is based on half a century of boat building know-how. A true family secret!

Why We Represent SARGO

SARGO is the safest, the most comfortable, practical and versatile boat we have ever seen. We chose the brand because we want our customers to have the same extraordinary experience that we have had while exploring the coasts of both Sweden and the United States.

The SARGO Difference

SARGO breed is one of a kind! The home of all SARGO boats is a region known as Ostrobothnia situated along Finland’s West Coast, in the vicinity of a town named Kokkola (Karleby, in Swedish). The local people here are known to be tough, practical, independent and inventive. Hence, the genes of the new SARGObrand are deeply rooted in the region’s very strong boat building tradition.

SARGO’s core strength stems from its common sense genes and its demanding, nearly Arctic home environment. Both of these factors have contributed to the uniqueness of our boat brand and our no-nonsense boat building philosophy for decades. Even a short test drive at the helm of a genuine SARGO will reveal the secret of this unique state of mind, wherever your favorite waters may be.

We look forward to making your boating dreams a reality!

Skarne Marine LLC