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In 2008, we decided to open the doors of a yacht brokerage that has helped forever reshape what our customers have come to expect when they buy or sell their boats. Located in Milford CT, on the beautiful Connecticut shore of Long Island Sound, our commitment to our customers is complimented perfectly by our beautiful local boating opportunities. At Skarne Marine, we take accountability very seriously, and we pride ourselves with always being accessible to our customers and value our close relationship with them.

Boating is not a job for us. We love it. Our boating heritage goes back generations to Sweden where we first discovered, and owned, SARGO boats. We are proud to now be the sole importer of this beautiful and functional “All Seasons Boat” in North America.

We chose to represent this brand because we love it. We chose it because it was the safest, most comfortable, practical and versatile boat we had ever seen. We chose it because we want out customers to have the same experiences that we have had while exploring the coasts of both Sweden and the United States.

We look forward to helping you discover this exceptional brand. We look forward to helping make your boating dreams a reality. But most of all, we look forward to the opportunity to come to know you and your family and to share this boating lifestyle that we love so much.

A family company since 1968

  • “There is indeed something very special about boats made in this part of Finland. I guess it’s the Ostrobothnian nature, the skill and creativity of the designers and craftsmen that explain the robust toughness of the trustworthy Sargo boat.”
    Mr. Thomas Sarin, CEO of Sarins Boats Oy Ab
    Mr. Thomas Sarin, CEO of Sarins Boats Oy AbSarins Boats
  • "Half a century ago I started the whole business as a carpenter by constructing boat interiors for other yards and then I built my first wooden boat. The concept of uncompromising quality has been with us ever since."
    Mr. Edy Sarin, Founder
    Mr. Edy Sarin, FounderSarins Boats
  • ”Life at sea is in our veins, and not only within our family, but amongst most of our partners, associates and coworkers. We know what to expect from our boats. And how to make them.”
    Mrs. Lillemor Sarin, CEO of Sarins Boats Oy Ab 2005-2011
    Mrs. Lillemor Sarin, CEO of Sarins Boats Oy Ab 2005-2011Sarins Boats

Sarin Family

Sargo represents a whole new boat breed from Finland. Our brand is based on half a century of boatbuilding know-how. A true family secret.

Sargo boats are created, designed and built by people who have been in the business since 1967. In our DNA you can trace the pioneering tradition of the renowned Minor brand founded by the legendary boatbuilder, Mr. Edy Sarin, nearly 50 years ago. In June 2014 we decided to launch a new brand Sargo. Behind all this you find one boatbuilding family, the Sarins, who are continuing their international success story into a third generation.

The home of all Sargo boats is a region known as Ostrobothnia situated along Finland’s West Coast, in the vicinity of a town known as Kokkola (Karleby, in Swedish). The local people are known to be tough, practical, independent and inventive. The genes of the new Sargo brand are therefore deeply rooted in the region’s very strong boatbuilding tradition.

Sargo’s core strength stems from its common sense genes and its demanding, nearly Arctic home environment. For several decades both of these factors have contributed to the uniqueness of our boat brand and our no-nonsense boatbuilding philosophy. Even a short test drive at the helm of a genuine Sargo will reveal the secret of this unique state of mind, wherever your favorite waters may be. Sargo breed is one of a kind.

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SARGO stands for safety.  Our boats are built to keep you and yours safe and comfortable every time you leave the dock no matter what.


Seeing a SARGO on the water for the first time will re-define what beauty truly is.  From our classic lines, elegant styling, and extraordinary fit and finish of all of the words that are used to describe a SARGO, sexy seems most fitting.


SARGO boats are built to get you there in style but also to get you there quickly.  Our full line offers power-plants that deliver cruising speeds beyond 30 kts.


Finally going fast doesn’t mean huge fuel bills.  Technology and engineering have come together seamlessly in the SARGO line creating boats that are as exhilarating as they are economical.


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